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Load React on click

Yann Gouffon — March 26th, 2024

Oops, I’ve recoded my website again! I’ve recently been using Astro, not because Next.js is outdated, but because Astro seems increasingly suitable for this type of presentational website.

Anyway, even if my goal is to ship the more performant site possible with the less JavaScript possible, I still have some JavaScript components that need to be loaded, like the terminal, accessible in the header above. It was previously a React component and I choose to keep it. But I don’t want to make everybody load React.js if they don’t plan to use this component.


By default and thanks to the sweet Island Architecture approach, Astro provide hydration directives to control when the UI Framework component will be loaded by the user. At page load (client:load), when the browser is idle (client:idle), when the component is visible in the viewport (client:visible), for certain contexts (client:media) or even only in the client without any build/server side pre-rendering (client:only).

Custom directive

In my case, none of these scenarios suit my needs. I want the users to load my terminal component only if they want to use it, so when they click on the terminal toggle button. Fortunately, Astro allows custom directives!

First you need to create your directives logic:

/* directives/astro-click-directive/click.js */

 * Hydrate on first click on a given id
 * @type {import('astro').ClientDirective}
export default (load, opts, el) => {
  document.getElementById(opts.value)?.addEventListener('click', async () => {
    const hydrate = await load()
    await hydrate()
  }, { once: true })

Then the register:

/* directives/astro-click-directive/register.js */

 * @type {() => import('astro').AstroIntegration}
export default () => ({
  name: "client:click",
  hooks: {
    "astro:config:setup": ({ addClientDirective }) => {
        name: "click",
        entrypoint: "./directives/astro-click-directive/click.js",

The optional TypeScript declaration:

/* directives/astro-click-directive/index.d.ts */

import 'astro'
declare module 'astro' {
  interface AstroClientDirectives {
    'client:click'?: boolean

And finally, just import it to your Astro configuration file:

/* astro.config.mjs */

import { defineConfig } from 'astro/config';
import clickDirective from './directives/astro-click-directive/register.js'

export default defineConfig({
  integrations: [clickDirective()],

To use it, simply add the new directive to any UI Framework component:

  <button id="toggle-terminal">Click me!</button>

<TerminalReact client:click="toggle-terminal" />

In this case, the component, including React.js, will only be loaded if the user clicks on the terminal toggle button. No more waste of resources!